Current Garage Door Trends For Your Home

Few people realize what an impact garage doors make on the look of the home, until they pick one out. Or, even better, until they renovate and change the look and see what a drastic change it makes.

If it’s time for you to install a new custom garage door, it’s also time to take a good look at the exciting options you have, before making a final decision. Even better, start by learning more about the current trends so your new garage door won’t look outdated as soon as you have it installed.

The look of most garage doors is classic enough to withstand the test of time, but you should still be familiar with the choices homeowners are making that are popular now. If you’re going to invest the time, effort, and money into making a change, it’s time to become a smart consumer and savvy homeowner.

Garage Door Trends That Make a Real Difference

If you’d like to know more about not just your options but the popular choices homeowners make now, consider some of these:

Go Big & Go Home

That’s because you’re already home! Bigger garage doors are more dramatic, when it comes to the visual aesthetics. However, it’s also about making it more user-friendly. Many utility vehicles and even crossovers are bigger or wider, and this makes it easier to park. Or, even if you have a compact car, you’ll have all the room you need if you’re transporting anything on the roof rack.

Smart Home & Energy Efficiency

You can incorporate your garage and garage door into your Smart Home and plan for a more energy-efficient household. Operate your door with an app instead of an unreliable and easy to lose remote. Plus, with the right windows, it allows in light making the inside of your garage more user-friendly.

Curb Appeal

There’s landscaping, hardscaping, and, now, curbscaping. Improving the amount of curb appeal your home’s exterior has should also incorporate elements like your garage doors. Pick the right ones and it will all work together cohesively and create flowing visual appeal that works together.

Go Contempo

If you’re a real trend setter and don’t mind the possibility of changing the door again in a few years, you have fad options. Examples include doors with no windows, minimalist designs, materials that weren’t previously popular (like copper). It helps make your home’s exterior a real work of art.

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