Garage Door Repair

Garage Door Repair by Great Garage Doors and Gates

Whether it’s faulty springs, a damaged door panel, an electric motor that’s burned out or some other issue, there are plenty of ways in which garage doors can break down over time. In addition to being an inconvenience, a broken garage door can also be a safety hazard. Garage doors are large and heavy, and they can close with dangerous force if not properly maintained. A broken garage door can also serve as a potential access point for a criminal seeking to enter your home. That’s why Great Garage Doors and Gates takes garage door repair and maintenance so seriously, and it’s why we’re here around the clock to deliver quick and reliable repairs to any brand or model of garage door or opener.

Common Garage Door Problems

One of the most common problems is a garage door that simply won’t open. While it’s often something as simple as a dead battery in the door opener’s remote control or a misaligned safety photo eye, this can also be a sign of more serious trouble such as a broken spring or a bent door track. Another common issue is a door that squeaks loudly or opens in a rough, jerking motion. This is often a sign that the rollers are becoming worn or are poorly lubricated. Garage doors are also exposed to the risk of damage from vehicles, storms or other impacts. No matter the problem, the expert staff at Great Garage Doors and Gates can handle all your overhead door repair needs.


On Hand Stock of Garage Door Parts

Although they may look simple, garage doors involve many different parts. In addition to the door itself, any garage door will also have rollers and a track on which to move. The door is lifted and closed by an electric motor attached to a belt, chain or screw, and a series of torsion springs and pulleys help to counterbalance the door’s weight and assist in lifting. Photo eye devices near the bottom of the door act as a safety measure by ensuring that the door doesn’t close when there’s something obstructing it. All of these parts are prone to wear and tear or sudden malfunction, but they can be difficult or dangerous to replace. Professional assistance is essential, and with extensive training, years of experience and a vast inventory of garage door repair parts, we’re able to deliver top-quality service for any brand or model of garage door.

Experienced Technicians For Your Garage Door Service Needs

A typical garage door is opened and closed more than 1,500 times per year, putting a lot of stress on its more than 300 different parts. With such a heavy workload, it’s extremely important that your garage door is well-maintained and serviced regularly. Our technicians will thoroughly inspect and service every aspect of your garage door and opener, ensuring that it’s in safe working order for you and your family. We pride ourselves on our excellent work and competitive prices, and the average garage door repair cost is a small price to pay for peace of mind. Simply contact us at Great Garage Doors and Gates and let our knowledgeable, courteous staff handle all your garage door repair needs!

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