5 Commonly Reported Problems in Garage Doors  

Poor maintenance of the garage door is bound to lead to costly repairs at some point in the future. It is, therefore, important to keep it in good condition with regular maintenance. If you are facing any problems with your current door, you can always trust Great Garage Doors and Gates to offer high-quality Overhead Door Repair Service in California and surrounding areas. Continuing the discussion, this blog covers five of the most commonly reported garage door repair problems and their remedies.

1. Broken Spring

A spring provides tensile strength to a door opener and helps to lift the garage door. Being extensively used, the garage door spring is always susceptible to damage. To diagnose any issue, find two springs directly above the garage door near the wall. Check whether both the springs are intact. If not, you need to get them replaced immediately. It is advised to hire a professional to get the springs repaired or replaced, instead of repairing them yourself. Choosing to do the repair without proper training is extremely dangerous.

2. Malfunctioning Remote Control

Another commonly-reported problem in garage doors is the malfunctioning of remote control. If you too are facing problems with the remote control of your garage door, check the battery and replace it with a new one, if necessary. If you have replaced the battery of your remote control and it still does not work, replace the remote or give us a call to get your problem resolved.

3. Stuck Door

When your remote garage door is stuck halfway and you are unable to open or close it completely, it is a clear sign of trouble. The most common cause for a stuck door is worn springs, and if left ignored, the issue can risk the safety of the occupants. In such a situation, contact a garage door repair professional to get it repaired immediately.

4. Faulty Photo-Eye

Faulty photo-eye is another common reason for a malfunction in a garage door. Photo eyes are the sensors on your door that serve as an important safety feature. If the alignment of photo-eyes is off, it will stop the door from closing. In addition, if the photo eyes on a door are flashing, it can lead to obstruction in the path of the door. Hire a garage door repair professional to adjust the photo-eyes.

5. Broken Rollers

Rollers in a garage door are not long-lasting and can bend or break over time. This can result in noisy or stuck doors. It is important to apply lubricant on the rollers every month to keep them well-maintained and to ensure proper functioning and safety of your door system. If there is still some problem with the rollers, don’t leave it until it is resolved. Consult a garage door repair professional in to get it resolved.

Final Word

If you are facing any of the aforementioned problems and looking for a garage door repair professional in California or 30 mile radius from Los Angeles, contact Great Garage Doors and Gates. Being an experienced garage door repair and installation company in California, we are equipped to handle all problems related to every type of garage door. Send us a message by filling out this form, or simply call 866-321-6635.

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